Monday, July 14, 2008

Wisconsin Dells

Water park capital of the World. Three hours from home and we entered what reminded me of downtown Sedona with the Swiss village shopping and the Canadian side of Niagra Falls with its Ripley Believe or not entertainment surrounded by gobs of hotel water parks and amusement rides. Luckily Anna's friend recommended "Chula Vista" three miles from downtown on the river. Lovely place with indoor/outdoor water park. Anna was in heaven. Pricey rooms but the golf villas were spacious and quiet. We happened to go when a huge volleyball tournament was going on and their must have been a hundred teams with a gazillion games going on. Kind of exciting, wish I was young again.
We did the DUKW ride. We all enjoyed riding in WWII amphibious craft through the woodland trails and then splashing into the Wisconsin river for a boat ride up the river. We saw the empty Lake Delton. With all the rain and flooding received last month it caused this lake to overflow and break thru, draining into the Wisconsin river in 2 hours. amazing. I enjoyed the view of the sandstone cliffs and how so many trees can grow in it. Apparently this type of sandstone holds water and vegetation has no problem growing.
Fun trip with a 15 year old who never wanted her picture taken till we put her in a go kart. Wish I would have bought a water camera for pictures of the water park. They even had a roller coaster ride in the water. I'm getting too old for the thrill of hurling thru tunnels at 30 mph in a bathing suit or maybe it was the hike up a hundred and fifty stairs that about did me in. David and the girls had fun and I had fun watching them. I spent most of my time in the Lazy river and the cool thing about the lazy rivers out here vs the ones in AZ is that you don't have to be in a tube. You can just float or walk, ahhhh. I love just floating around. The girls can't wait till we go again and who knows when that will be.

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