Wednesday, September 3, 2008

David's Philmont Adventure

David headed to hike mountains in New Mexico this past July with a few of his young men and their dads. They were gone for nearly 2 weeks and had a great time (according to David) As most of you know he loves to hike and be outdoors. He loves the sanctity of mountains and most importantly he loves teaching moments with young men. He's a great example of patience and hard work. Hopefully these young men had a wonderful experience and will cherish this adventure and someday help others as well draw closer to their Savior. I know these few pics don't do his trip justice. Leland Hanson I hear has 2 billion and 48 pictures but where I don't know.

While the girls and I stayed at home, I reflected on how many times David has gone on high adventure or boys camp over the past 19 years and I counted 17 with the 2 missing years the summers we moved. Luckily my sons got to be with him during their scouting years. We are very happy he's home now.

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