Monday, September 22, 2008

Driving MIss Molly

The two things that have been the hardest for me as a parent have been potty training and driving with teens. Not sure why I lump them together but I do. Maybe it is because when they were little I was always saying, "Lets go sit on the toilet, come on lets go" and they would not want to go. Stubborn little creatures. Now when they are teens they are saying to me, "Lets go driving" and I don't want to go. Gee I wonder where they get their stubbornness?
Molly pesters me constantly, "Can I drive, Can I drive, Can I drive?" So I've posted these pictures. Sometimes she's dingy like Queen Frostine from Candy Land and forgets to turn off the car and take the keys with her and sometimes she drives like a tiger, aggressive and just darn right scary. She's only 15 and she can't wait to take off by herself.
You know I just realized that someday my kids will be saying to me, "let's go sit on the toilet" and I'll tell them NO and they'll probably take away my keys. Payback


  1. I LOVE that post!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE It!!!

    that is the only thing that worries me in the near future and I am just barely out of the potty training world... LOL!

    love it!