Monday, September 15, 2008

Navy Pier 2008

I love Chicago!!! I think it is such a great city. On Labor Day the four of us rode the train down and back for nine bucks. Can't beat that. We then grabbed a taxi which cost more than our 50 mile train trip, but it was worth it cuz the free trolleys were packed. We headed over to Navy Pier and rented a quad carriage bike thingey. We had a blast riding down the trail to a beach. At first I sat behind Molly and sometimes she would go so fast I couldn't keep up with her, so I just put my feet up and enjoyed the ride. It was an absolute beautiful day in Chicago. Blue skies, low humidity. Lots of people swimming in Lake Michigan, beach volleyball. I didn't want to leave.
Back at Navy Pier we ate lunch outside at Bubba Gump Shrimp and watched the dancing cop directing traffic. He was very entertaining. Then the girls rode on the huge ferris wheel. If I had know it only went once around, I would have gone. Next time.. I love adventures in Chicago.

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  1. I love downtown and you love downtown, so we need to go downtown together and have fun sometime soon, k?