Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kate and Ellie

Is that really labeled on her hospital gown,Please wash your hands? Why don't they just print that on every kids shirts?


  1. What a beautiful Mom and Baby!!! Congratulations. Leslie

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! She's beautiful! Glad to hear mom and baby all good. Do you have a nervous and excited daddy! Wow daddy, weird....which really means I'm just getting old!

    Nice job blogging Tami. hmmm this Wicked thing sounds like fun. By the way, when is it a good time to come to Chicago?

    Love ya all no matter how far away we get. ~Lori

  3. What a doll little Ellie is!!! Congrats to you Grandma!!! I have my own little grandbaby....if I'd have known it would be so much fun I would have done it sooner!! Check out my blog to see her but I don't have all of the skills of photo presentation but she is there...my 1st blog called "little O" at throughtheyearsinsunshineandinshade.blogspot.com Diane

  4. It's me again wondering if you saw MY GRAND granddaughter??? Yes...we would love to see the Lake in the Hills area esp. this time of year!!! We missed out a couple of years ago when we were in Nauvoo and you were on one of your adventures. Jim was just called as bishop a few weeks ago so I think that we are staying put for awhile. I also want to go to the New Egland states, in the autumn, where Jim served his mission. He has never been back, maybe next year...we want to go to Nauvoo again and Willie has never been. Well, you know where I live and what our winters are like...not beatiful like yours but come see us!!! I hope that they will bring little Ellie over sometime...