Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My three favorite misconceptions about Mormons that I've faced.

#3 roof guy - "You're a Mormon?"
Me - "Yeah"
roof guy - "Hey but you have electricity"
Me - "Dude, We're not amish"

#2 Candle Customer - "Can I ask you a personal question?"
Me - "Sure" Me thinking - Oh great what is she going to ask?
Candle customer -"Is this a personal choice or is this something from your church? When I lived in Shaumberg we had a neighbor who was Mormon and they weren't allowed to eat American Cheese. Are Mormons allowed to eat American Cheese?"
Me - busting up laughing since I had never heard this one before. "Personal choice my friend." Ok what crazy mormon family out there is not eating american cheese?
#1 My personal favorite. A couple of years ago I was at a candle party in a South Chicago suberb. Lively Italian family and the host had made these colorful and I mean colorful vodka jello shot cups. Now Mormons may eat lots of jello but we don't drink and not only the host but several other ladies kept offering me these brightly colored drinks. I kept saying "no thank you" but they kept bugging me. Finally I said, "I'm a Mormon and I don't drink" One lady quickly said, "Oh sure, you can't drink but you can have more than one husband!!" I admit it I was rude and started laughing, "Who would want more than one husband? Are you nuts?" Now don't get me wrong I adore and love my husband but come on do people really think we have more than one husband?


  1. OH my goodness, I am home nursing sick boys and needed this laugh today... totally cracks me up!

    esp the jello shot lady.. LLOLOL

  2. I have never heard any of those. Those were great!

  3. That's too funny, okay so I have a really funny story about the Amish thing...When I was in Denmark my comp and I started talking to a lady on a train she looked so confused at us and kept on asking why we were allowed to have our nice back packs...after a few minutes I realized she thought we were Amish...trying not to laugh too hard, I explained the her that we were Mormon. my companions was so confused.

  4. I'm here in Lake Villa, just a little East of you, and after moving here from Utah a year ago, I've heard some doozies. I still maintain (tongue in cheek, of course), that I'm one of several wives, and the only one that is allowed to go out in public. Of course this is only to people that know I'm joking. At least I hope they know I'm joking!

    But I've had lots and lots of questions, and boy does it make you remember back to those simple primary lessons and the fundamentals of our religion. It's been a good experience so far.

    Do you mind if I add you to my blog? It's always nice to peek in on the locals. ;)

  5. My favorite part about this post isn't the Mormon idioms, but the fact that you said "DUDE". hahahah hahahah. i've been laughing about that for weeks, so i thought i'd leave a comment about it.