Friday, December 19, 2008

It's not Winter Yet?

Received phone message at 3:45am - High School is canceled
Received phone message at 5:30am Elementary school is canceled
2 separate school districts- same house- Lame

Shoveled 6-8 inches of snow for an hour and half with David, then the neighbors came out with their snow blowers, which is pretty much the only time we see our neighbors this time of year. Ok I know I'm weird but I don't mind shoveling snow just yet. Very serene and I like the workout. The neighbors keep asking me if I wish I was back in Arizona now and I have to be honest and say nope. This is still novel and lovely, plus I'm mostly in my warm, cozy home drinking hot chocolate, looking out at my evergreen covered in white.

It dawned on me this morning that it is still fall and the first day of winter is on Sunday. Who made that rule? The calendar people? Cuz it sure didn't look like fall this morning.


  1. Amen, sister. I still think it's kind of cool to go out and deal with the snow. We never got snow like this in Utah. And I love to see how people adapt to the winters here. Scarves are a fashion statement, and boots and fleece or cashmere socks are practically uniform attire!

  2. It looks like Autumn here in AZ. I'm a Utah girl and I still miss real Winters...well the look from inside the house, drinking hot cocoa by the crackling fire & listening to beautiful christmas music, NOT THE COLD...It looks like you've got it there, real winter...glad you're enjoying it...both inside and guys are great...Be MERRY!

  3. I miss Illinois, but not those Arctic blast cold mornings.


    Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi Tami,
    Merry Christmas. Looks like you've been blessed so much this year!!!! Congrats on your new baby granddaughter!!!! What a cutie pie. So, you are officially a granny!!!! Dylan was just looking over my shoulder at the snow and the old house... It rained all day here. It DOES seem to rain in Southern California contrary to the old song. Hope you have a terrific New Years and saybe we will see you soon. We still have a lot of our stuff in storage in LITH. love, Sharon