Friday, December 12, 2008

Molly Tse Tung

I have to brag about Molly. This year for the first time her high school offered a Chinese class so she signed up. After a couple of weeks she approached her Chinese teacher and asked if she could start up a Chinese Club. She received the ok from the school administration and proceeded to make posters and announce a new club was being organized. She appointed herself the president and rightly so since she came up with the idea right? I'm also thinking she's right in line with how the Chinese government works so why not here? She asked her friend to be the vice president as well. Hence I call her Molly Tse Tung (thanks Landon) The club has learned how to make spring rolls, oragami(I know, I know, it's Japanese) but hey the countries are by each other. The other day she went with her Chinese teacher to pick up authentic Chinese food and Molly was so happy that she understood the owner when talking with her teacher. Luckily the conversation wasn't complex. Wow that is amazing to me.

Her teacher also took them on a field trip to Chicago's Chinatown of which she took hundreds of pics of friends and hardly any of her. I love this one she took with the Sears tower in the background.


  1. Very impressive "Molly Tse Tung"....maybe she'll become a politician...WE NEED HER IN AZ....
    honest, resourceful, fun and so cute!!!!!

  2. I'm with "Diane", Very very impressive!