Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Molly's Marshmallow cake

Look what Molly brought home from Young Women's* last night!!!

She learned how to decorate a cake with marshmallow fondant. I was impressed especially since I can't even frost a cupcake cutely.

Now here is her big sister's artistic creation. I have no idea what it is, but I'm sure it's right up there with Picasso.

*girls age 12-18 attend weekly get togethers at church, learning, serving and having fun and oh yeah, eating.


  1. Those youth activities at Lake in the Hills are great! what talent the Allred ladies have!!! I sooooo...appreciate the mailing I received yesteday. I've read Sept. and Jan. 2010 so far and I'm a fan of Culture Chicago Cultural Connections...they did a fantastic job!! THANKS!!!!! Did you get the email I sent of the panel of youth answering HARD questions about their religions? (It is also at the bottom of my blog before the music lists) It is wonderful! I stayed up late a couple nights ago and listened to the entire thing... I think that I will take a world religion class as I am so interested in that....maybe a CAKE DECORATING class also as I have ALWAYS wanted to do great decorated (and tasting)cakes!!! So far, even with all the "saved from mag., etc. instuctiions it has not happened. . .should have begun in my youth....Enjoy those cakes and those cute daughters! You're the best! sorry about this 'lengthy comment' but once I get at the blogging I just go on & on.....THANKS again Tami!

  2. That is an awesome cake! she did a great job! I was wondering who taught them that.

    and thanks for the comment on the blog. I had a bunch of stuff to blog ( I use it for journaling b/c I type faster LOL ) and needed to print stuff off :) so I did a ton of posting on Tuesday,

    anyway, cool cake

  3. Michelle Fitzgerald taught the class. She's quite creative and fun don't you think?