Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Four Drivers and a Funeral

28 hours of straight driving will get you from Lake in the HIlls,IL to Cottonwood, AZ. Thank goodness for four drivers.
The first thing Anna did after hugging Grandma was go hunting for Lizards.
Anna and her cousins Traygon and Cheney taking a break from Lizard catching
The funeral was lovely. All the grandkids sang "I Am A Child of God". Tender to watch Traygon trying to be brave and his little sister Chaney patting his back, offering comfort when she was having a hard time also on that last verse. Just got to me. Such sweet, sweet kids.
David and his 2 brother in laws named John spoke. Such a great tribute to Norman. He really did touch tons of people. The place was packed. Afterwards we headed to the cemetary for the final resting place of Norman.
David and his sisters saying a few words. Then David asked his uncles and aunt to say a few words. Aunt Donna said, "I hope I'm next because I can't bear to bury another brother" Uncle Dale responded with his arm up in the air, "All in favor" quite comical those uncles are.

Then back to the church for lunch and visiting with the families

So good to see cousins
The following day we decided to drive to Disneyland with countless cousins and Grandma didn't even hesitate when David invited her to come. Her bags were packed within minutes. So a convoy of three cars headed to the Happiest Place on Earth. There were 15 of us and we never took a group pic. bummer. I took a few others mostly under protest.
Buzz and Anna

I did learn that if you go on the Grizzly River Run that you should bring an exta pair of dry socks. Emily and Molly's socks never dried off and they were ever so smelly on the ride home that night. Yes we were insane to spend 2 full days at Disneyland then drive 6 hours to Mesa.
Some things never change!!

Why did it take us only 27 straight hours of driving from Az to IL? hmmm... maybe because lovergirl would only let us stop and eat one meal and then she gave us a time limit of 10 min. "I have to work tues. morning so I need my sleep" was her reply. We arrived home exactly at 9:08 just like Darla (our GPS) predicted and who should drive up at 9:15? Yep Loverboy - Life goes on <3


  1. This post had me teared up!! The comforts of a little sister, the humor of a brother, the love and support of family!!! It's always hard to say goodbye for awhile!! Whenever I go to a funeral I always wish I had known the person better....Your father in law sounds like a wonderful man...I'm glad that I know some of his kids & grands (YOU GUYS!!)!!! So glad you were able to go to the "happiest place on earth" before your return to your favorite place (HOME)!! I took one of those trips when I was young & in college....there were 3 of us (my sister Leone, my cousin Howard and I) taking turns driving from Utah to South Carolina....2 girls slept the whole time in the back seat and the 3 of us took turns driving straight thru....I could not do today!!! GLAD YOUR HOME SAFE...that's amazing!!

  2. I'm exhausted just reading it! Wow. I'm glad the funeral was good. Isn't it nice to get all together and see everyone and catch up? Just like Heaven will be, I think.

    And you are a trooper to go to DL while you were there. My kids would kill to go there. I think DW might be on the agenda this summer, but it's not by Utah, so they don't think it will be nearly as much fun. Silly kids.

    Glad you made it safe. '

  3. Man, I am sooo sad I missed you Sunday. I was home healing up from a lovely kidney infection...ahhh the joys of my new life! Actually it is great.

    Your family looks great...the last sentence is cracking me up! Your grandbaby is beautiful and how fun to have all your kids together! Sounds like you had a great trip, how can you ever go wrong with Disneyland?