Sunday, March 8, 2009

How to Date My Daughter (powerpoint presentation by her father) shortened for my blog*

How To Date My Daughter

First the Good News.
Every boy Emily dated recovered from his wounds.
Make sure you have a watch and know how to read 11:00 pm
You will come into our house to pick her up.
You'll have plenty of time for conversation with me while you wait for her to finish getting ready.
If You Dare

Hard labor at an early age.

Forced to study all night

Super Hero Aspirations

YES She can Fly!!

Pretense of Royalty

Every girl want to be a princess ballerina

Early Phone addiction

How do I text on this?

Early driving Panic

She always wants to drive

Would you trust her with your car?

Her first bedroom shared with a rabbit

Hence ----
Her obsession with Animals

Sure you want to date her?

The First Date
One Fresh chocolate bar for Sis. Allred. You need her to be your friend.

Second Date

Third Date
10 Mile hike of my choice

Fourth Date
Keep on dreaming. It'll never happen

But Seriously
Molly is very important part of our family. Please have fun, treat her with respect and bring her home safely.

Thanks for suffering through my presentation
* He showed this to all her friends at her 16th birthday party
The power point was more animated but I couldn't figure out how to post it so I just included some of the pics and left off the naked baby pictures that he discreetly covered with "censor" stickers. You can thank me later Molly.


  1. That is very cute. David has a gift of creativity. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. We have some new members of our families to get acquainted with! :)


    love it!