Friday, June 19, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

As I was finishing up water aerobics this morning I could see off into the west, dark and I mean dark, dark clouds.

My friend Lucy just got to the pool to swim laps, had put her foot in the water when the lifeguards yelled at us to get to the basement cuz, tornado warnings were blaring. We went to the locker room and said we were going to change into our clothes first since that would be really scary for all those lil kids in the basement to see us two mega mamas in our bathing suits.

We eventually made it there and it was quite full.
Thankfully my friend Lori went and woke up my heavy sleeper girl and took her to her house. Finally they let us out once the police said it was ok to leave and man was it ever raining. So it's so good to be home.

My first tornado warning here in Lake in the HIlls


  1. Yikes!! I will take our weather here in AZ over a tornado any day.

  2. Welcome to Illinois! Hee hee. We've been hit by lightning twice (once our chimney, once a tree.) I'll say it again, I think it would be fun to be trapped in a tornado shelter with you and Lucy!

  3. from one mega mama to least you get in swim suit and do water aerobics! GLAD YOU ARE ALL OKAY!!!

  4. I am so jealou8s! you w/o w/ Lucy!!!

    that was fun to say the least, eh?