Friday, August 14, 2009

My first experience with a prayer being answered ASAP

Back in the day when I was about 18, living with HelenMar Larkin (if anyone knows her let her know I'm looking for her) She was a kind school teacher who let me live with her while I was attending school and working.

I came home from work and decided to get a quick bite to eat before I high tailed off to classes at Solano Community College - for some reason SCC sounds better. Yes I went to SCC.

I reached in the fridge and grabbed the apple pie pan with one slice left and being the efficient health conscience (NOT) gal that I am I also grabbed a can of V8. They kind of balance each other out right?

The can had a tiny silver papery tab not the metal kind, so being miss efficient and not wanting to waste a second, with the pie in my left hand and the can in my right I clenched the tiny silver papery tab with my teeth and pulled it up as I was walking to the table.

Little did I know the physics law of V8 suction can, I'm sure my son knows what science law this is but I was unaware. The can now sucked my bottom lip in the more I pulled up on the silver papery tab and now my whole bottom lip is swallowed up in a teeny tiny hole in the can and I can't get it off, the more I pull the more it suctions my lip inside.

I put the pie down being the level headed person that I am and start pulling with both hands, but noooooo nothing happens only pain because now my whole bottom lip is entirely pinched together and gone.

What am I going to do? Great!! I'm going to have to call 911 and the paramedics will die laughing when they see this girl with a V8 can attached to her face. They will have to get the jaws of life and cut it open, oh wait it's not that big maybe a can opener will do. How embarrassing!!

Before the panic attack set in, I went to the bathroom mirror to get a better assessment of what just happened. I was horrified and thought I need help and who better than God to help so I said out loud "Heavenly Father" and whaalaaa (I know that's not how you spell that french word but you get my meaning)

As soon as I said "Heavenly Father" the suction was released and I got my lip out. That was the fastest I've ever had a prayer answered. I was so relieved that I didn't have to go the hospital and surgically remove a can from my face.

I was left with two red marks on the outside of my mouth, sort of a hickey looking lip. How do you cover that up?
I went to class and my friend Nancy asked, "What happened to your mouth?" "I'm too embarrassed to tell you, except that God answers prayers"

Every time I see a V8 I remember this incident and I'm glad God answered this silly girls prayers so darn quick.


  1. Too funny! (And it's voila, by the way :)

  2. Ali- Thanks - I knew it was some weird spelling.

  3. Now, was a V8 can in the vicinity? Is that what inspired this flashback? Have you since discovered the law of science that caused the suction of death on your lip? Inquiring minds what to know.

  4. B.Surfer - can I just call you your real name? the flashback occurred the day before when getting Molly's drivers license. I left her folder with SS card and birth certificate out on a newspaper stand while she was taking the drivers test. I was on my cell with my dear friend in AZ who was actually in Idaho visiting her new grandbaby. I don't know what happened but I spaced it. Molly passed and we went home which is about a 20 min. drive. We got home and I realized I left that folder and I was sure someone picked it up and there goes Molly's credit and identity. We rushed all the way back and I was panicking - she asked if it was ok to say a prayer while driving and I said I do it all the time so she said one and thank goodness some nice person turned that folder in to the DMV. Later Molly told me she was praying for me to calm down. hhahah

  5. that is priceless!!!!!

    thanks for giving me a nice giggle this morning :)

  6. What a funny story that even had a great lesson to it. Made me smile.