Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Psycho Charlie Cat

We have a crazy psycho cat now named Charlie. My girls wanted to get me a kitten for my birthday a few months ago.

Alas a FREE KITTEN sign was spotted on our way back from hiking (well more of a stroll for me)

There were 2 left when we got there and my girls wanted both. I put my foot down and said we'd take one. The owner said she was a female and off we went.

We named her Mia. I then took her to the vet a few days later when he announced we have a problem as he lifts up her tail, I'm thinking he's seeing tumors, worms or some deadly disease but then he exclaims, "Mia is a boy" apparently his apparatus hadn't quite fallen down yet.

Great!! Now what do we call him? It took us over 3 weeks to all agree on a name and my hub just makes up other names for him like "Rodie" short for rodent. So this poor cat is just confused.

When I took Charlie to the vet for his 3rd set of shots, a different Dr. saw him, she was all lovely dovey with our kitten but she missed 3 times giving him the shot, needless to say, Charlie went crazy, crying a most hideous sound I've ever heard from a kitten, wiggling and struggling to get away. He was not happy.

Then she tried to trim his nails while scruffing the skirming, screaming, angry animal. He then chomped down on her finger and his tooth was stuck in her finger.
Molly and I sat there amazed that she could endure such pain, we were also amazed that she would attempt to scruff this wild beast. She then pried her finger out of his mouth and promptly left the room.

Young girl tells us to meet the Dr. out front at the reception desk. Reception lady hold and loves Charlie when mean old lady comes out and demands that reception lady put down the vicious animal since he bit the Dr. (me thinking hey dumb dr. poked my cute kitten 3 times, what was she thinking sticking her hand in front of his wide open mouth? a kiss?

Dr. eventually comes out with flourenscent orange bandage wrap the size of a hotdog bun and states it's the hazard of the job. Okay
She then informs us how she is writing on Charlies charts that he is to be muzzled when brought in and he is a vicious cat and this is the worse bite she has ever had from an animal. Okay now I feel really bad but she was just plain stupid to hold a wild angry critter with razor sharp teeth.

I must admit though he is crazy. He attacks Anna and I as we are walking by. He just jumps up and grabs our legs, well not David (boys stick together don't they?)

The most annoying thing he does is every morning he jumps on my bed and purrs in my face while I'm trying to sleep. He then grabs a piece of the blanket or my shirt and sucks on it, yes I did say suck, see I told you he is weird. As he is sucking he is pawing, like kittens do when nursing, just pushing those little paws back and forth. I then push him away and his tounge is moving in and out super duper fast. It's just strange.

I don't know he may have a complex since we thought he was a girl at first and he was insulted. All I can say is he better behave before my grandbaby gets here or he's going to be a coyote snack.


  1. Your life would be frustrated as well if you lived with three moms. I continually get yelled at. They won't let me outside. They make me wear a glossy red collar with a pink heart! Talk about humiliation.

    Thank goodness for the big guy. At least he understands.


  2. Your post reminds me of all the reasons I intensely dislike cats! Good luck....

  3. GOOD luck with that Charlie!!!
    I have my own "cat horror stories"...another idea for a lengthy post....