Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coldest Night of My Life

We had to go back to Devils Lake since last year was so much fun plus David got a new tent.
We didn't care that the weather forecast was snow and rain.

We were going to break in our tent and see the fall colors and do some hiking since mountains seem to be scarce around here and this is one of the few places that we can go up and up.
Devil's Doorway - we hiked up this trail to discover all these purple boulders and this scary edifice.

Anna had no fear climbing through the doorway. I of coarse stayed back and took pictures.
We are way up here where it was nice and warm.

Standing in front of our new tent. The smaller one belongs to "his other wife" that three teenage girls borrowed.
For some reason I thought that since our tent was new it would be nice and warm but nooooooo.

Spent the first night freezing and not sleeping. Anna even woke up crying so I found a heavy blanket for her.
I woke up the next day a zombie. I hurt all over from being scrunched in the fetal position.

I found out everyone else slept in three pairs of sweats, under armor and four pairs of socks.

Duhhhh why didn't I think of that?

Once I got up, dressed and walking around, it was all good. It was by far the coldest night of my life. I now know why it's called the Ice Age Trail. heeheee
Molly loves to live on the edge. This girl has no fear. She loves roller coasters and hanging out on cliffs. She 's such a leader -had her three friends join her.

Our Bishop giving us warm words of wisdom around a fire. I love camp fires.
Most of the group that went, the rest must of have been bouldering.

(click on pics to get a bigger image)This is why we come.-- Fall colors and happy faces
I'm so happy to be home in my warm cozy bed - till next year.
oh yeah and the great thing about camping in the cold. - no bugs or critters - nada one


  1. Ok- I shivered just thinking about that. That sounds basically miserable! Glad you survived!

  2. I'm glad you got to go camping. It looked like fun. I love the beautiful fall colors!