Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Winner Is??

After two and a half weeks, auto guy finally found connections to get the radiator, compressor, nuts, bolts and brackets. You see Saturn went out of business thus no one has parts.

Oh they're out there, just where is the question. Geez they made the thing next door in Michigan.

Only took a day to put everything back together, plus a 1/2 day to buff the bumper and voila the total bill came to ................ drum roll please...... $4071.39

all because dumb deer had to follow the crowd and cross the street without looking both ways. Jeeez

So Susan in AZ you're the winner (why didn't my friends out here guess?) I'll be mailing you a lovely Gold Canyon Candle from my stockpile. You lucky girl you.

Yeah look at that picture below and would you have ever believed all that damage was done to the engine part?
Yeah didn't think so. Unless you've hit a deer before too.