Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Haavaad is no Hogwarts

I was expecting Harvard to look like Hogwarts, don't ask me why.
Well it's not.
It was strange to see a bunch of old buildings amongst stores, full of tourists.
I must admit I did enjoy shopping at the COOP with Jonathan since he gets a discount.
It was also exciting to go under the school thru the tunnels.
Anna wanted to see Jonathan's lockers. Yeah they have lockers like back in high school.
I never had a locker in college, I never went to law school either.
So here we are in a lecture hall up at the judges desk.

This is as close to Hogwarts as they get. The dining hall (I think)

I was impressed that they would have this giant "A" up there and I'm sure it's for Allred (he never goes in this building. hahhah)

This stone carving reminds me of Roslyn Chapel in Scotland.

David and Molly ran on Harvard's track every day. The stadium looks like a miniature coliseum, old cement seats.

Jonathan walks by this cute little house everyday on campus, so Haavaad is not Hogwarts but they've got Disney. Close Enough.

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  1. great pictures! how cool is that!