Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I just have to write about this epic winter week. So many fun names are floating around these parts - Snowmageddon, snOMG, Blizzard of OZ, Snowpocalypse, Fast and Flurious.

We were warned on Sunday about this major storm coming on Tuesday afternoon. The weatherman was right on the money. It hit at 3 on Tuesday,just as predicted.

Just last month we were told we were getting the storm of the century and we got nothing, so this time they got it correct.

We were so prepared. Our cars were topped off, pantry and fridge filled, propane heater ready to go and Anna even slept with 3 flashlights. Luckily no power outages.
It was actually kind of fun having David home early on Tuesday and then home today. That has never happened in our 27 yrs. together. It feels like a Saturday.
Last night I had to walk up the hill and around the block to retrieve Anna from a friends house since my car was barracaded. No problem. Blizzard conditions. Just wrap up and walk fast. Kind of eerie walking in the middle of the road with no cars, just snow blowing everywhere.
Today The four of us shoveled and shoveled, the sun was out and we survived the 3rd biggest blizzard in Chicago's history.

We got about 20 inches, but what made it dangerous was the winds whipping it around. Visibility was null, O'hare was shut down and people trying to get home from work were stranded.
This morning We had parts of sidewalk with not a speck of snow, then next to it would be a snowdrift 3 to 4 ft. high. due to the wind.

The only thing that didn't survive was our basketball post/net. Like any of us play basketball?
It was here when we bought the place, so I'm actually happy it's down.
Thank goodness it fell in the yard and not on David's new car.

Most of the neighbors were out snowblowing and shoveling this morning. We are all amazed at the amount of snow. Even Government offices were closed.We were asked to stay off the roads and school is cancelled for two days. That's a first.

notice the neighbors haven't even taken down the backyard Christmas decorations.

Anna and her friend even spent the last hour sledding in the front yard. She came in before I could snag a photo. darn

So for our family, we were prepared and it turned out to be fun, simply cuz we were home together safe and warm. It's snow big deal, even with a snownami.
Thanks to Houlihans for reminding me of all the fun winter names with their cute email they just sent


  1. You know.. as much as people whine and complain about snow days, i've found that i've come to love them. It's like having a mini vacationg right during the middle of the week. No reason to have to do anything except enjoy the family and the snow. We got shut down here for 2 days too. But not NEARLY as much snow as you. Just negative degree weahter. Fun though!

  2. Amazing pictures! I don't think I would EVER be prepared for a storm like that, no matter what I did. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  3. snow big deal. nice.


  4. Wow--I love your pics! I was in DC last week for the big snowstorm and so glad I didn't have to drive in it. It was the fastest, heaviest snowfall in 13 years. Fun to visit, but...

  5. E no nosso país(Brasil)Se reclama quando falta água de coco...Temos sol o ano inteiro.Cada um feliz ao seu jeito.Felicidades!

  6. "and in our country (Brazil) in droughts we get our water from coconuts ...we have sun the year round. To each his own. Cheers!"
    Thanks for the translation Jonathan.