Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Great Chicago Adventure

We went to the BYU men's Volleyball game vs. Loyola back in Feb. and can I just say that Loyola fans are rude to the players. They showed no class in chanting FU BYU. I was wondering do other schools gets treated this way? Some of the students dressed like hicks with short overalls and some even wore shirt and ties, making fun of our missionaries.. REally? When was the last time you saw a Mormon in Chicago wearing overalls?
The gym was sure up close and personal and made for great entertainment.

Too bad BYU lost but it was so worth the five bucks. and the hour and half drive there was a whole other adventure.

It's a culture experience just driving the five miles on Devon Ave, first we noticed Big Beautiful Catholic churches then Jewish shops with signs written in Hebrew. Then all of sudden we were in Little India.

This one's for you Leslie.

It was another great adventure in Chicago. Now you know.
Oh and the BYU men's volleyball team is still ranked 2nd in the nation. Go Cougars!


  1. I remember Devon Ave. from our Michigan days, but I don't remember it looking anything like this! (As soon as I saw the Bollywood pic I thought "Leslie!" and then I saw your caption -- too funny.) And I LOVE that photo of you guys at Salem Harbor. Classic! xo

  2. Tonight I caught up on all of my blog reading. What a great family pic--I think it should be this year's Christmas card!

  3. Tammy! I may have to come shopping for my Halloween costume there. I am going to be Aishwarya Rai for Halloween for the rest of my life so I can wear there amazing cloths! You really need to try a Bollywood, I am sure you will get hooked! Just make sure you check with me to let you know what movies to start out with! So much fun!