Friday, May 6, 2011

Prom - Chicago Style or Hollywood

They do prom a bit different here in the burbs of Chicago, or at least my daughters high school does anyway.
School was out at 1 and Molly dashed home for a makeover and new hairstyle by Janelle her now personal assistant.

Had to take another pic of her P.A. where she was about the same height as Molly.
My favorite line of the day from Janelle "I want to go to prom again"
She had so much fun helping doll Miss Molly up.

Nick (perfect Chicago name don't you think?) picked her up promptly at 3:15. Sadly, she wasn't ready. What girl is?
They exchanged flowers.

We took a few pics and he escorted her to another friends for group pictures. (I didn't go, thus no group shots)

David and I then headed to the school at 4:30 to see the promenade begin at 5.

Parents, Friends and Family line up to watch the kids come in then, proceed out. Quite the spectacle. So fun to see all the beautiful dresses. I felt like the paparazzi.

Mary Cate



Leaving the gym they promptly walk the red carpet arm in arm to the awaiting buses where they were whisked away to some shmancy fancy place in Shaumburg for dinner and dancing.


Departing -- Bye bye Lolly

They will return by bus around midnight. So much safer to have them bused than teens driving here and there, leaving whenever. I like it Chicago Style with a flair of Hollywood!!


  1. SO fun! Molly looks gorgeous and her date's adorable. I love the idea of being able to see everyone in their prom garb, but am pretty sure there's no way Chris would go for that. I'm also with you on the bus idea, but having to board a school bus in a prom dress is not *quite* the Hollywood experience.

    Thanks for the behind-the-scenes glimpse...

  2. I LOVE THIS!!! THE PROMENADE we did that at my HS prom a hundred years ago but there were only around 200 students AND THE BUS one showing off with the "fancy smancy" limos like at Mt. View...YOUR MOLLY LOOKS FABULOUS!!!!

  3. Is she really that old?!! How fun for them!

  4. Stylish Blog Award!!!

  5. I love the way they do prom in Chicago. It is such a great idea. Molly is beautiful and she will do well in college.