Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anna, I haven't forgotten about You!

I seem to have a hard time blogging during the summer and now we're into fall.
Sad that my daughter wanted me to blog/brag about her during school last year and I just never got around to putting the pics and story together, so here goes.

We rescued a cat from the pound last year whom they named Cooper. I like the name so that's what I call him. Molly calls him Crookshanks after the Harry Potter crazy cat. My seminary kids called him Mufassa from Lion King. David calls him Roto, who knows why? Anna calls him all four names depending on her mood.

In the spring Anna auditioned for the jr. high play and was caste as the cook in "Alice in Wonderland" You're probably thinking, "I don't remember a cook" well apparently the original version had it, or maybe the jr. high just needed more characters.
She has good friends who came to support her and one artistic friend who worked behind the scenes and had a delightful time putting on Anna's makeup.

Towards the end of school,Anna decided to give her lovely red mane to Locks of Love

Attending a week long Christian Youth Theater (CYT) camp, she got a main role as Captain Hook - Exciting! Good thing she has short hair.

She was thrilled when a new friend, K moved into the ward and they could go together.

Even more thrilled that Molly would take time out of her busy schedule and come watch the performance.

AZ to visit Family

and catch lizards

and hike with cousins.

Back at the ranch.
She's has quite the eye for nature and takes good pics, so here's a few of hers for you to enjoy. These were all taken last week on a stroll in our neighborhood.(in between conference talks)

Yes we do live by a creek with the greatest walking/riding trails EVER!

She also has an ear for nature. She heard this woodpecker and tracked him down.

I'm telling you Fall is truly the best in the midwest!

Rumor has it she's starting her own blog since she's feels she's been forgotten this past year. Good thing.
Unbeknownst to me she took this shot off our deck the other night.
Pretty cool I must admit.
Night, night

Anna, how could I ever forget you? ♥


  1. awww cute post! I MISS you guys! LOVE YOU and your family!!!

  2. you are such a good mom!