Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adventures of Tina and Tami

I love Chicago!! My friend Tina and I went on an adventure yesterday to Chinatown in Chicago. Took the train down, then for the first time we hopped on the Water taxi that I've seen up and down the Chicago river but not very many people use them, so just assumed they were expensive. HAH 2 bucks. What a deal. Except I thought we were going to Chinatown. Oh well, we enjoyed the relaxing trip to Michigan Ave. From there we walked to the Subway of which neither one of us has ever ridden in Chicago before. So easy. Then finally off to Chinatown.

Should have taken more pictures of unique food we saw like shark fins for $349.00 a pound, or baby crunchy crabs in the candy store, but I wasn't thinking. Had an authentic lunch, bought sweets and back to the subway. This time we got to talking with a young girl when she pointed out that we missed our stop so the next stop we ran off and jumped on the opposite subway. I wish I would have had a picture of us running, actually my husband would have liked to have seen that. quite the site. We were laughing the whole time and the locals, just put up with us. Thank goodness the people of Chicago that we talked to were kind and helpful. I love adventures in Chicago.

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  1. LOVE your adventures :)

    I wanna come along someday !!!