Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chicago Baseball

Ahhhh October - Fall and Baseball Playoffs, birthdays and anniversary (I'll get to those later.) When we moved to Chicagoland 5 summers ago, I was amazed at the Cub fans. They are everywhere and I thought the cubs haven't won a world series for 95 years. What's the big deal? Why are they so intense over a loosing team?
We were in AZ when the Diamondbacks won in 2001 and what fun that was to see such a young franchise win the big one. Then the following years they traded players like crazy and I couldn't keep track of the guys I liked to watch, so I kind of gave up on baseball. In 2005 the White sox won and it was crazy here. White sox fans everywhere but those cub fans were still hoping. It's in their blood. I attended a few cubs spring training games when we lived in Az, only because they were the closest to my house. Not ever realizing that some day I'd be living near the most crazed cub fans on the planet. I read and hear of people who have been fans for 50 years and more. They just never give up and their life ambition is to see them win it all. If the cubs win the world series, I seriously think the world will end. It will be wild here. Everyone here will ditch work and school and you will hear celebrating from around the world.

Now we're talking history. The Cubs and White Sox both in the post season. Everyone is happy out here now.

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