Thursday, October 9, 2008

Molly's x-country

Molly is running x-country again this year. This was a picture from last year but I liked it and thought I'd share. My favorite course is here in Crystal Lake at Veterans Acre Park. I know it's hard to tell but there are runners clear across the pond. I love this course. Over grassy hills, through the woods, around the pond, passing giant Willows and Oak trees. I only wish my older kids could have run on such a lovely course. They were desert dwellers then.(like they had a choice)

I think this has been a fun season for her,even though she wasn't in the best of health at the beginning of the season. The teams seem to be really nice and they have pasta dinners every friday before a race on Sat. We hosted one and of course they ended up having fun on the tramp. I think we only lost one in the bushes.

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