Monday, October 6, 2008

Need a Great Piano Tuner

Thought I'd share with you the nicest piano tuner in this area. So here's my plug for this retired school teacher who did a fabulous job tuning our piano. He is also excellent on the keys. I would recommend that you schedule him for 11, then invite some friends over for lunch and he will provide the entertainment while tuning your piano. What a deal. His name is Jeff Aron and he lives in Woodstock. call him at 815/334-8611 or email him at I have $10 off coupons if interested. Sorry Jeff that I caught you with your eyes closed. I should have taken another one. Next year when you come back.


  1. you are welcome!

    I found him first :)

    we met him at a concert and so I am glad his info got to you.. he is really super nice! glad you have a tuned piano.. :)

  2. oh and Tammy, check out my other blog on organizing and if you will, link it on your blog for me, please?

    thanks friend!