Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our cat Cliff March 93-Nov 08

He was a very unique cat and we loved him dearly. David brought him home shortly after Molly was born in AZ. He was a desert cat who stayed out all night catching rodents and bugs, then came inside during the morning and slept all day, didn't much care for little kids.

We dragged him across the country 4 1/2 yrs ago. He was not happy about being in a carrier for 3 days. He adjusted to the new climate by staying indoors during the winter and he developed a funny routine of being in whatever room I was in during the day. If I was in the office,he would curl up in an empty box, if I was watching tv, he would hop on my lap, if I was in the kitchen he would plop himself down on the rug. My favorite was at night. He would race me upstairs, sometimes I cheated and pulled him back so I could win. He would jump up on the bed and be petted or play warrior cat with David, then after a while he'd go sleep on the floor and wait for me til morning. Didn't matter if anyone else got up first, he wanted me to get his food and we'd race downstairs (well he raced) I took my sweet time and drove him crazy.
I think the thing I will miss the most about Cliffy is when we would read scriptures in our room with a fireplace, he would jump on my lap and purr like crazy. Everyone else wanted him so he would go from person to person, then when we knelt for prayer around our couch or ottoman he would be right there purring in our faces while we were trying to say prayer. He would then jump down to the rug and rollover on his back, just as content as cats can be.
He's been sick since the summer. We tried to make him as comfortable as possible. This past week he no longer raced me upstairs, just stayed in the dining room or under the couch. Every morning the girls would pet him and he would get that purring motor going even though it was hard for him to breath. After school they would do the same thing again. This morning I found him downstairs in the basement in a dark corner bookshelf. It was his hiding spot. I am so sad and know I shouldn't be. He was just a cat but for the last 15 1/2 years he's been a big part of our family and we will all miss him greatly.


  1. I am sorry Tami :(


  2. Sun., we lost our little wild kitten, Zanado. He (I had hoped it was a "he"!!!)was born in our storage shed and hung around and become friends with our dog Heru...I was anxious to see how they would share Heru's house this winter as they were good at sharing food and space but he was attacked and killed by a couple of dogs....we are sad but not nearly as attached as you... my heart goes out to you and I send lots of love your way!!!!

  3. I remember cliffy and how we would try to move him off the bed back in the day and he wouldn't budge. Such a funny cat.