Friday, November 7, 2008

Grant Park

Several friends and family have asked me if I was in attendance at Grant Park Tuesday night. Do you think I'm nuts? I strongly dislike crowds. So no I was not at the party. Although I am still waiting for my call from Oprah to be on her show. Any day now.

Here is some trivia information about Grant Park. You will not find a statue of Pres. Grant anywhere in the park. You have to go north to Lincoln Park for that one and on that same note, you will not find a statue of Lincoln in Lincoln Park for he is down in Grant Park. Seems way back when the statues were brought in, there was a mix up and they just left it that way (probably union). Ironic huh? Lincoln sits in the park where Obama made his first appearance as President Elect.

We've come a long way. I listened to Andrew Young, former UN ambassador share how when he was with Martin Luther King at a rally in Grant Park 40 some odd years ago, when he went to get his car it was on fire and protesters were pushing it into Lake Michigan. Yes I'm glad times have changed. I love Chicago and it looks like more real estate will be on the market when Obama puts his team together. Let me restate that, I love visiting Chicago, don't want to live there, remember I dislike crowds. Come visit.

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