Monday, November 3, 2008

When are you too old to Trick or Treat?

Just wondering? Molly and Jessie went trick or treating before heading over to a party. Out here in Lake in the Hills we are told by our village commissioners when to trick or treat. It is from 2 till 8. So at 3:30 the kids are all over the place and are pretty much done by 7. Weird for me to have trick or treaters in daylight. Although I do remember when I was 10 and the Zodiac Killer in the SF bay area threatened to kill trick or treaters so we had to trick or treat before 6 and a cop was standing on a corner in our neighborhood. Thanks goodness nothing happened but that was a boring Halloween for all us not to be able to stay out late. We were kids, we thought we were immortal and we just wanted the candy. So back to my question, at what age do you stop trick or treating? I have a feeling this is the last year for Batman and Robin.

See what happens when teens no longer trick or treat? They dress up their dogs!!

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  1. I was still doing it at 16. totally bored, we put funky glasses on and went to a few doors. some guy was yelling at us for being so old, and right when he was about to slam teh door in our face, some guys drove by and smashed his mailbox. I turned back to him adn said " well, we could be doing that instead of pan handling for candy"

    he gave us all of his candy and slammed the door. LOL

    I say, when the kids say they are done.