Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sonic Drive in

Just wanted to let my friends know out west what kookie people we can be when the weather turns cold out here in the midwest. (As if they didn't already know)
A few weeks ago a brand new Sonic Drive In opened up here in Alqonquin (2 miles from home) Now mind you Sonic commercials have been playing for 4 years and no sonic near by. So when the weather was 12 degrees, the brand new Sonic Drive In finally opened. David, the girls and I were out shopping and saw the big sign so we turned in the parking lot to get to the Sonic and was shocked to see this huge and I mean huge line with guys directing traffic and signs that said, "Sonic Staging Area" What? It was too late we were in line and had to choose between drive thru or drive in. We had to line up in the JC Penny parking lot "sonic staging area" The place was packed. I had never seen such a thing and was bummed I didn't have my camera. Snow everywhere and we're all in line for over a half hour just to get Cherry Limeade and coconut cream pie milkshakes. Here it was freezing and we're at a drive in ordering ice cold delicious drinks. We really went there for the sweet memories we have of drinking those drinks when it was 110 out in Az. I realized its just not the same when there's snow everywhere. Yeah we're nuts.


  1. I have seen those lines, that is NUTS!!!!

    somehow you went MIA on my RSS feed thingy, so I missed a few things.

    can't wait for your mish to get home! Have fun!!!!

  2. That was perfect! Man I wished you had a picture of the line of cars. I can't imagine that kind of crowd for any fast food let alone in the snow and cold. Maybe if they had hot cocoa... CRAZY EASTERNER!

  3. she home???? How was missionarying in Korea???? Can't wait for your next post!!!! and.... I loved your husbands' Christmas letter...does he blog???
    He should!!!