Friday, January 9, 2009

Goodbye Korea, Hello Home

What an emotional week it's been for me. So happy to have Emily home from Korea. It's amazing to hear her speak Korean. I love hearing of the customs and experiences she had while serving for over a year and a half.

Killing time waiting for a call from the Stake Pres. so where else would we take her but to the mall.

Em brought back lots of cute gifts and the girls had fun with these traditional Korean dresses the Hanbok. She said its great because one size fits all (I don't know about that one?

Anna in her hanbok - she got a hat too!

Molly finally posed for a picture (teens do not like to blogged by mothers)Too bad.

Landon took time off and stayed an extra week to be with us. Great to have him home too. Sorry I didn't get a pic of him and his Korean shiny zip up tie.

A wonderful benefit is having Em cook dinner (notice the bright dancing flower - it's solar powered and the taxi's in Korea have these on their dashboards - such happy people)

Em and her masterpiece

Not sure what you call it, maybe a spring roll, we just called it a "see thru burrito" We're just happy she's home and had a great mission experience.


  1. so glad she is home for you :)

    how does she feel about Dave wanting her married off yesterday?


    like those dreeses, too cool

  2. So Exciting to have her home. Looks like a great holiday...

  3. I didn't realize she was coming home! Yay for you! And her, too, I guess. Is she weird like boys are when they get back?

  4. Welcome Emily from from all the Arizona Pearson's! What a fun time!

  5. Welcome home, Emily! The time flew by, and I hope you had experiences of a lifetime. If you ever make it back to Mesa, would LOVE to taste some of that Korean food!

  6. On young, hasayoh Emily! (sp?) Welcome back home. Thanks to you and mom for sharing your Korean mission with us. Kimchi! You're good for trying new things, I would come back so skinny! How about some pulgogi, manduguk, or chapchae? Happy memories I'm sure.

    From Betsy, mom's candle friend.