Saturday, January 17, 2009

When is it too cold to run?

My hub loves running! He just went for his Sat. jog and I noticed it is 13 degrees with the windchill factor making it -2. He discovered a couple of years ago his limit is -16 with wind. That is when his eyeballs froze and he quickly ran home and had a major headache all day.

There are some days I think he is just nuts and today is one of them, but on the other hand I have to admire his dedication.

Here's a quote from Keli's friend Mike on her blog."At that temp you can't tell the difference between the placement of testes and ovaries in an x-ray." Heehee, I still laugh at that one.


  1. Yeah, that Mike, he's pretty funny. He's my hub's brother, and he always tells it like it is.

    I admire your hubby's dedication as well. I'm lucky if I get my butt out of bed at 13 degrees.

  2. Is that a medical term that I can repeat? That is great!

  3. he is either nuts or determined, either one, I am a fan :)

  4. He's my new hero. I'm such a wimp. i miss my running. I just can't get myself outside when it's that cold. Luckily CO isn't cold cold all winter long. It's been 50 all weekend so i've been out! The tricky part is knowing how long it will last.