Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who said Pinewood Derby is just for boys?

Last month Anna was handed a "Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit" at church with a flyer announcing that in Jan. this would be the achievement day* activity along with the cub scouts. I thought I was done with Pinewood derby since my sons are grown and gone now, but noooooooo. Luckily we have the internet now and Anna and David gleaned ideas on how to make a shark car. I have no clue why she wanted a fish when all her friends, made cute cuddly cars but it turned out slick.

I must say this was the funnest pinewood derby I've ever attended.

Larry Brown made the track and the timer to the 100th of a second or close enough. Each child raced 3 times with their times being recorded. None of this race to the death, kids crying scenario stuff.
Girls Won!!! whoo hooo
Everyone received a certificate and Anna's was the "Super Speedy Silver Shark Award"

Many thanks to all the leaders who made this a huge fun family event! Especially to David who spent every night this week, helping Anna carve, sand, paint and glue this thing together. I think her brothers may be jealous.

*Achievement Day is for girls ages 8-11 who meet twice a month in our church. They do service, socialize, eat and have fun.


  1. Sounds so fun....wish Ariz. would get with the program and do the Powderpuff Pinewood Derby thing!! So fun!!! SHARK CAR RULES!!!!!

  2. When i was in YW i fought for activities like this during my entire reign. No luck. I'm with Diane: wish AZ would have gotten with the program. hahaha

  3. What a great idea! I'm primary Presdient, and we only have 5 it would be great to have the girls too to give them more competition!

  4. Really cool car Anna! And yes, I'm pretty sure your older brothers are jealous :P.