Saturday, February 28, 2009


Anna had the fun privilege of performing in her schools 5Th grade play, Aladdin. For an elementary production, I must say I was impressed. Impressed with the dedication that the teachers and other staff members shared with these kids. Impressed with the kids performance and discipline. Just a fun, hard working event that Anna will probably never forget.

Five narrators (you have to somehow get 37 kids on stage right?)and yes Anna is the 2nd shortest 5th grader in school.

After the play I had to take a pic of her and the one eyed camel - that's why he's wearing a head thingy. They had a lot of fun props but I was having too much fun watching instead of taking pics.
Which reminds me, hey I was Sleeping beauty in the 4Th grade and our costumes weren't nearly as colorful and cool as Anna's in Aladdin.

cheesy, cheap halloween threads. But alas this was to be my first and last play performance. I just hope Anna continues - she has the sweetest singing voice.


  1. I was OUR 6th grade sleeping are alot prettier beauty than I was!!! and I am sure alot more talented!!!!

  2. oh a pix from teh past... LOVE IT!!!

    congrats to Anna! S can't wait to be in the play next year :)