Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Funny words :)

I've noticed and enjoyed the posting of young moms sharing the funny things their little kids say, well my kids are grown and some are gone but I thought I'd share a couple of things they've said lately that made me laugh.

1. J - boasting to his sister - "Look Em I have offspring"

2. A - "Mom can you help me with my makeup (she's in the school play). I need mascara and fondant"
Me- "Fondant?"
A - "yeah fondant"
Me-"Do you mean foundation?"
A- yeah fondant, foundation, they're the same right?"
Me- "Yep pretty darn close"

3. While shopping in the teen section with Anna and looking for clothes for her older brother who had just turned 20.
Me - "Maybe we should go out of the teen section since he's not a teen anymore"
A - "Yeah, he's an eXpiRed teen now."

The Expired teen

I hope these made you smile, they sure make me smile :)

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  1. those are soooo funny! I love the fondant one the best I think LOL