Friday, February 20, 2009

Look what I found on my porch!!!

Last night at 10pm I was on my way to retrieve a blanket from the front closet when the doorbell rang. On my porch was a baby carrier with a note and the biggest happiest little baby you ever did see smiling up at me. I snatched her and wisked her inside my warm home. Who cares about her parents hiding in the freezing cold - they're big people and they can run in whenever.

So happy to see my kids and my grandbaby Ellie. She is just adorable.

Such a lovely surprise visit.
So off to University of Chicago and Northwestern. Jonathan wanted to check out their Law schools. hmmmm Big decision Harvard - good school - UofC and Northwestern - Mom and babysitters nearby, although I don't think Kate is going to let Ellie out of her sites, oh wait she did leave her on the porch for me right?


  1. OH how stinkin' fun!!! she is sooo cute! will they be here for church?

  2. What a wonderful surprise!!! I read Jonny's post and he is so right ... bring us those grandbabies!!! Ellie sure is a cutie!!!!!!

  3. oh, I love that! What a fun way to surprise you!