Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WoW - participating in surveys really does pay off!

I was asked to watch a DVD that was sent to me by a marketing co., then fill out the forms on products that I use. A nice lady called me the next day to ask about the lame DVD sitcom that I watched (I knew all along it was about the commercials) She then informed me that my name would be in a drawing for $100 worth of product. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
A few weeks later I received a fed ex letter with a hundred bucks. whooo hoooo. Now what to do with my extra mulah?

Sat. Molly had a soccer game in Schaumburg which is by the great and spacious World famous Woodfield mall. Since Molly had to stay for the varsity game I took Anna to the Rain Forest cafe at the mall.(She's never ever, ever ever been)She had a coupon from the library - which I then found had expired - this happens to me all the time. Anyway she was thrilled to be there. The place was packed at 2 o'clock. Personally I think its overpriced to eat under a giant mushroom with lightning and thunder sounds going off every few minutes while I'm trying to eat my ten buck burger. Anna ordered the kids meal with a flashy light cup. At the time I was thinking how I never would have let my older kids get a flashy light cup if I would have ever taken them to Rain Forest Cafe which I did not.

But alas Anna, Ellie and all future grandchildren will get whatever they want when they're on a date with me,----- well as long as I win some more contests to pay for it.


  1. That's right. I never got a flashy cup. And I won't be forgetting that soon. I will continue to play the role of the bemoaning eldest son.

  2. It is so true!!! The youngest, who is still home, gets it all!!! Van at my place... I have my own "bemoaners" and hear about it all the times :) Congrates on the mulah...ENJOY!!!

  3. congrats!!!!

    and I am glad to know there is a cafe by the mall and not just all the way downtown.... we've wanted the kids to go there, but Pacman read reviews that it wasn't that grand. LOL

  4. forgotten daughterMarch 31, 2009 at 11:22 PM

    I've never even been to rainforest cafe....

  5. Mom you crack me up! You can't spoil Ellie too much or she won't ever want to come home.
    And just for the record- I'm a youngest child and I never got to go to Rainforest Cafe...not that I'm complaining :) LOL

  6. Back to the $100--they sent you money instead of products?? That is unheard of!