Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Gram Tam Turns Fifty - Now Ain't that Nifty

Half a century...Entire civilizations have come and gone in a shorter time frame...

1959...Interstellar space travel was only a dream...Hershey's was struggling to find one totally devoted customer (Thank goodness for Tami)...People had to actually dial a phone...Success was measured by the size of your Rolodex.

My sweet wife has an amazing vault of valuable memories, most of them real, and she loves to share these stories with all who will listen. I scoped her brain last night and pulled out of few of the best.

  1. Tami was the perfect child - Never cried, changed her own diaper, started cleaning the house before she could crawl. Her grandparents called her princess. Her siblings revered her wisdom, her ability to gather and prepare food, and her ability to lovingly, but firmly, manage the household when her parents were away.
  2. Tami's culinary expertise - Somewhere in those early years she perfected Lumpy Gravy for which she is now world-famous. Her recipe is one of life's most closely guarded secrets. Her children fly home just to satisfy their longing for this most delectable treat.
  3. She made me the man that I am - My marriage proposal was a real shock. How could a common man even think of proposing to a princess? Her initial response was, of course, "You've got to be kidding." Yet in the following 18 hours, she began to relish the challenge of molding a man from this quivering stick of a boy. Call me David Doolittle. How can I ever repay her for the refinement and polish that she's given me?
  4. Creative source of the internet - Who does Al Gore think he is? She was going to let him be President until he encroached on her life work. Tami didn't invent the internet, she just projected her need and the techie world responded. An now she can rightly claim her manifest destiny as the "Blog Queen." (Queens are just princesses all grown up.)
I could go on and on, but I won't. On a serious note, I do want to say that even though the thought of marrying me caused her no small trauma, I continue to be in awe at how she sets aside her fears, draws on her faith and pushes forward with life. As she has boldly faced the challenges of life, her exuberance for life has grown, her compassion for the struggles of others has deepened and her love of others has extended beyond our family to a wide circle of her friends, our children's friends and even her ancestors long departed from this earth. I love her deeply and look forward to getting the kids out the door, a mission, more grandkids and as many hikes as I can get her to go on. In her bearing, conduct and eternal potential, she truly is a queen and worthy of all that I can give her.

I would greatly appreciate your comments commemorating this great milestone in her life. She'll love hearing from each of you.


PS... See additional birthday blogs for Tami from "Jonathan and Kate","Jeff and Lindy", "TJ and Suzanne" and "Angie" to the right.


  1. Happy birthday!! We love you!

  2. 1958 was a GREAT year!!! I should know!!! Happy Birthday, Tami! Being 50 feels like 23. You will enjoy it! Love, Patsy

  3. Happy Birthday Tami!!! Hope you have a great day! I always knew you had those special talents, but it is nice when your husband reconizes them too. julie

  4. Hope this year brings great joy!

  5. Happy Birthday Tami,
    I hope your day is awesome! Thank you for your great example and your friendship.
    Love Kim

  6. Okay THAT was the most moving post I have read today!

    Happy Bday Tamster!!!!!

  7. Tami...Always smiling (at least in public), always a friend, always willing to help/serve others without thought for "what's in it for me". If the next 50 are like the last 50 the world has to be a better place because of you!

  8. Tami, I can assure you it's okay to turn 50. Enjoy your birthday! They say 50's the new 30 (just subtract 20). And remember--"Old genealogists never die, they just lose their census." ;-) Delray

  9. Happy birthday Tami! I hope you have a relaxing and completely wonderful day. You absolutely deserve it. I miss you and I hope everything is going well.

  10. Happy Birthday Tami!! I'm grateful to have a friend like you. They say "50" is only a state of mind, so keep that in mind when your parts start falling off.....Okay!! Your still my BFI. Tina

  11. 50 is the new 30.

    Happy Birthday, and give that sweet hubby of yours a kiss. He deserves it, and probably more, after that sweet post.

  12. love you mom!

    And Ellie says happy birthday too. I'd write down exactly what she said, but I can't find the letters to describe it. But it was cute.

  13. Thanks for the picture you posted of me on your blog, I didn't know I looked so fat! But, your blog is a joy to read. Have a super and great Birthday. We truly enjoyed spending time with you when you were here. We love you,
    Rob & Sherri

  14. Happy Birthday cute mom! We love you so much!!! Thanks for always being amazing! Have an incredible day!

  15. С Днем Рождения!!!!
    Happy birfday Ma Allred!!!

    Thoughts of you on your birthday day
    by Josh Miller

    I think of you on your birthday day
    and ponder how to correctly say
    all the thanks I owe to you
    for the food and your son too

    Oh well words will have to do
    you rock the world and your family too
    on your special day I send
    a huge hug and love from our end.

    Hope you enjoy the poem my fingers are bleeding from the effort.

  16. Happy Birthday Aunt Tami! We Ruesch's sure do love you!
    T.J., Suzanne, Trista, and Whitney

  17. Hi Tami!!!!! Happy 5-0-wow you are old!!!! Hey, just wanted you to know I am thinking about you. I hope you have the best day ever. You know I love you.

  18. Happy Birthday Tami!
    Jonny gave me the heads up that this is a big birthday for you... ENJOY ALL OF IT!

  19. Happy Birthday!!
    Thanks for an awesome birthday lunch celebration!! The feather boa suits you to a T! ("T" for Tami)

  20. I always knew you were awesome, and now I am doubly impressed by what I read today on all blogs relating to your 50th. Wow! Do you feel loved? You should! And what a great husband you have. I should have accepted that date, darn it!
    I miss you here, and being mistaken for you. We are sisters deeper than skin. That genealogy thing must run in the family, too.
    All my best and love to you today. May it be the best...like you are!

  21. I started thinking of what MOM means to me, and this is what came out:

    Mother Of Molly
    Mother Of Me
    Much Older than Me
    Muchly Obsessed with dr. Mario
    Meritoriously Operates her Mouth
    Married an Outstanding Man
    My Only Mother
    Made Many Modifications and Overcame Outlandish Obstacles to become My Magnificient Mom
    My Original Model
    in My Opinion, Magnanimous

    My Obliging Thanks and Heartfelt and Earnest Recongition for 50 years of exemplary living.

    Love ya!

  22. Have a wonderful b-day Tami! We should do one of our fun lunches - - you pick the place and I'll treat. I wish we were still in RS together, we don't get to see eachother as much. Thanks for your nice post on our adoption - - keep your fingers crossed!

  23. I heard that 50 is the new 30, but what does that mean for 30. Is it demoted to the lower rank of 10 or is this whoel new age thing on a curve, like grades, or the economy. Or perhaps 50 is just the same old 50 and we're just trying to make ourselves feel better about aging. Regardless, i wish a very happy birthday, and as a gift i promise not to take up all of Emily's extra time...eventually.

    Many happy wishes
    Your favorite loverboy

    oh and i heard that it's good to eat as much broccoli as possible when you turn 50. just a suggestion.

  24. Happy, Happy Birthday!

    Trust me, 50 isn't the new 30. But it beats the alternative...


  25. Happy birthday!!!!! your da best!!!!

  26. Happy 50th!!! love and miss you!!!


  27. Happy 50th Tami! Sorry it's a day late. I hope you had a great birthday and that your family treated you like a queen!
    Love, Darla

  28. Ma Allred! A little late but sure nonetheless. Happy Birthday! Even though many miles separate us, the bond between mother and adopted son run deep! Hope you had an awesome birthday! We all love you!

  29. Mama Allred! My computer crashed, but i'm back to wish you a Happy Birthday. Glad to be a part of the adopted clan. THanks for claiming me as one of your own. You truly are one of the best moms i've ever had.