Friday, April 10, 2009

A Tsunami Thank you

If I would have know how fun this nifty fifty birthday was going to be, I would have done it earlier. :-)

It started with cards in the mail before the big day, you know the ones that are funny and make fun of getting older. One from My aunt whom I hardly see sent me a cute card and I don't think I have ever heard from her before, not even a Christmas card so I was shocked with happy smiles.

A box of Hershey's chocolate was left on my door by another friend (These are my organized and on time friends, of which I am not but need to be, I was feeling a bit guilty because how many times have I meant to do something on birthdays and forgot, let alone the day before)Then a friend brought a huge bouquet of roses (more about flowers on another post later) with a happy smiling balloon. So Sweet!!

David wanted a "how to" blogging 101 lesson. Tues. night, so I gave him my password,a briefing then I couldn't sleep that night, worrying about what stories he would tell. I seriously thought about getting up at 2:30 and reading it but I was too lazy. I would have to wait till after my class left at 7 the next morning.
He is a far better writer than I am and I love to read his thoughts,
(those that get his Christmas newsletter know what I mean)
He is a quiet man and doesn't say much but he sure gets to the heart of the matter when he hits that keyboard or punches that pen down.
He always and I mean always makes me cry when I read what he has to say.

He thinks I am better than what I am, gives me undeserving credit which finally after 25 years of marriage, I've decided there is nothing wrong with that. Why was I arguing with him all those years, just accept it and move on. Let him think those fairy tale fables. It's all happy and good.

David fixed breakfast for me and my seminary class - fruit burritos. mmmmmmmmmm
May I just add that he is quite sexy in his business shirt and apron.

More lovely flowers from one of my students and then a flood of emails, texts, cards,phone calls and blog well wishes even a couple of poems. Packages in the mail filled with confetti, candy, bracelets, pictures of my grand baby, blue ribbon announcing to the world I'm 50. (I'd love to pass this on to the next one - that would be you Leslie, but you live in AZ. and I didn't think to mail it to you on time.)

Off to Biagi's for lunch with my gal pals, Five desserts that we shared. Highly recomend the Bread pudding and I don't even like bread pudding, so that's how delicious it was. Gorgeous necklaces,soaps and lotions,picture frames,bumper sticker "honk driver just turned 50" (only the high schoolers honk) a pink boa, "Birthday Princess" tiara and a singing Princess balloon. How about laughing so hard from embarrassment that my cheeks hurt when I opened "Quickies in the Kitchen"....... then I read the rest.... "30 Minute Meals" with the pink sexy "ooh la, la" apron on the front. Can this day get any funner?

I mean seriously, friends & family posting on their blogs, wow what a nice undeserving tribute. All the kind words, my head is about the size of these balloons now. Back to the real world and it will pop right?

Dinner with fam at a four star restaurant. Dunnhills. Not sure who rated it, but it was good. All of us laughing so hard at something Molly did and I wish I could share her embarrassing story but it will have to wait till her self confidence is stronger and she can laugh about it too. (Ask any one of us privately and we might spill the beans) I don't know maybe this is one of those "You had to be there moments" It sure was hillarious. It's not very often that my hub laughs so hard he cries.

More gifts, Cold Play CD, outfit(my husband always buys me an outfit with accessories, cuz I hate to shop), new camping chair,a coupon book for one cooked meal a month from Anna. hmmmm should be interesting. a kitten to be picked out today,and lots of hugs and kisses.
Another lunch date yesterday in Woodstock at a cool pub, then the art exhibit at the old courthouse, grandma picture book. So fun. Just visiting with friends makes me a happy camper
How do I say thank you to all these wonderful friends & family. I couldn't think of a big enough word to express the feelings of my heart and a Tsunami Thank You was the best I could come up with. I love you all,thanks for loving me especially my husband, the silver haired prince charming.


  1. Well Happy Happy Birthday Tami dear, happy days will come to you all year. You were right, your David Allred sounds like the best husband in the world too. It must be the name!

  2. not hard to befriend and love the ALlreds :)

  3. Yeah, Happy Birthday! You look better then ever!!!

  4. HAPPY late BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry I wasn't part of the tsunami of wishes that came your way but I was thinking of you on your day. I was on my way with my sister on the long drive to Utah (well...not long like your recent trek...) and read your husbands great post nifty/fifty (your still a baby!!)on my phone but had no way (well...maybe it is just me not knowing how...)to comment...we loved the post....laughed til we cried!! You guys are so fun!!! HOPE THIS WILL BE YOUR BEST YEAR EVER....!! HAPPY LATE!!!!

  5. WOW! Happy 50th...You look great, and I love the comments Dave added down below. You are such a great example to us all. Here's to 50 more wonderful years!