Monday, April 13, 2009

Coincidence or Like minds think alike?

Last Tues. night my hub wrote on my blog "Half a century...Entire civilizations have come and gone in a shorter time frame..."
The next day, my birthday I received a package from K&J who live 1500 miles away or something like that. I just know it's far.
Kate wrote sweet and lovely words then Jonathan wrote his observation.

"Mom, Wow, 50. Half a century. Whole civilizations have come and gone in that time period."

I immediately called David to see if they discussed this phrase about civilizations and my age together. He promptly said, "NO" but then said, "oh that's why J wanted to know that night if I had recieved the package." They never discussed it and both claim they came up with it on their own. eeeeerie
So has this ever happened to you? I just thought it was one of those "twilight" moments.


  1. That is creepy. There is more to genetics than we think!!! Are you talking Twilight Zone or Twilight Vampires??? You have to clarify now a days!