Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dad Grad

Yay, Jonathan put on a blue robe, mortarboard, white stole and endured waiting in lines, listening to talks, some great and some ok and then the endless smiling for pictures.
David loves those mountains
Thurs at Marriott Center or the Mormon Mecca (term I borrowed from J)
He's down there somewhere among the 6000 graduates
Loved the talks from two apostles, Elder Nelson and Elder Uchtdorf (my favorite)

Happy and Proud Parents. He's an amazing son, husband and dad.

The Dad Grad with his lovely lil family
I love how everyone got the memo to wear true blue but me

On the way to the car, J found a frisbee friend stretching out and was tempted to throw some disc

The next day was the individual college ceremony where they actually receive their diplomas with about a hundred other students, sure beats waiting for 5,999.
It was at the Provo tabernacle, beautiful old building. My shots didn't turn out except for the ones outside on the lawn next to the modern buildings. After all the grads went through the line everyone stood to applaud and not sure what happened but my eyes just starting leaking, then I was embarassed about leaking eyeballs and then they dripped even more when the grads stood to applaud the parents. Didn't see that one coming

This sums up the whole week for me. Pure Happiness!!!
Look forward to attending Em 2010 BYU
Landon 2011 ASU and Molly Crystal Lake South hs
Jonathan 2012 Harvard Law school
I'm sure Em and Landon will want to keep us going to some more graduations (why give us a break here)or maybe even future spouses
Molly 2015 BYU
Anna 2016 CLS hs
Anna 2020 ?


  1. What a great accomplishment!!! CONGRATULATIONS to Jonny and his cute family...ALL OF YOU!!! That leaking eye thing must be contagious (from a distance even!!!)...I got it just reading this great post!!!

  2. congrats!

    and she is sooooo cute!!!!

  3. Yeah for Johnny! You did it!! Best of luck with LawSchool.

  4. That is great news! You have such lovely children.

  5. Tami I love the new look, very cute! And great pictures, you are right to be a very proud mom/grandma!

  6. Congratulations! The photo of the inside of the Marriott Center is amazing. I love your new background!