Saturday, May 2, 2009

KamiKaze Chipmunk

Em decided to catch a chipmunk, just because. Kind of reminds me of her catching lizards in Cottonwood and Mesa, a pigeon at Encanto Park in Phoenix and now a chipmunk. The girl is patient and quick. This chipmunk has been devouring my bird feeder which is on the 2nd story. He runs up the stairs, jumps on the patio chair then to the ledge and then flies to the bird feeder which isn't that far out over the edge but a huge drop below.

One day he was cornered by Anna on the stairs and Em came at him while he was munching away but he jumped to the ledge then just dove off over the staircase. We just knew he had brain damage but apparently not for he came back. the 2nd time he just flew into our big bush. It was quite hilarious this flying chipmunk. The 3rd time they left the back door open and he ran in my house while they were trying to corner him. Yes the rodent ran in my house and Molly, Anna and Em were all screaming and laughing while I was in my office. I got in on the ambush then too. The little guy was everywhere, under the piano, bookcase, plants and finally in my office under the computer desk. I chased him out with cleaning duster (you know air spray)and finally Em got him to run into our pet carrier. Whoo hooo, she caught the kamikaze chipmunk. Now what? We took a couple of pics but I wanted better light so we decided to keep him overnight in the bunny bungalow and then let him have his freedom in the morning. Then Anna and I decided that he needed some food and water and we would bring him room service. He was in the cage on the counter when I slowly unzipped the top part and dropped seeds down to him. I had to open it wider for the water and then WHOOOOOSH. He flew and I mean flew out the top and jetted down to the floor and back under the couch. You never heard me sing soprano but I can bolt that high note now. In fact Anna and I can both hit the highest pitch you have ever heard in your life. It was darn right scary folks. The whole time we were yellen and laughen and yellen and laughen - Yep a little flying chipmunk in my house, all because Em wanted to catch a chipmunk --just because.
I know isn't he cute.? Well guess what, he hasn't been back.

While I'm on the subject of cute lil critters last year this lil mouse fell from the ceiling in my basement. unfortunately he didn't like our room service and died the next day, but he sure was cute.


  1. We really need to start the Allred pet cemetery. We'll have to invest in some land to accommodate every pet but it should do the animals justice.

  2. that post by Landon is cracking me up

  3. That is such a funny story! Too bad about the poor mousey though. :)