Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can It Be? Em is 23!

Happy Birthday Emily. Your are my oldest daughter. What joy you brought into my life. We shared together your discovery of life. Your infectious giggle always lightened my days, but it was the times when you needed to unravel life's frustrations that probably made me learn what a dad is all about. I wish we could continue that role, but your discoveries need to be shared with another. So it's time for me to help another man step in that primary role. So for all of you eligible young men out there, put down those dang game controllers, get a clue and pay the price for winning the hand of my daughter. You'll be amazed at what comes with the package.

Fun filled vacations with the whole family

The fierce heart of a competitor.

Good pioneer breeding stock

Amazing sense of fashion

Missionary zeal with all the kimchi you can stomach

It's been great having Emily home for a few months and seeing the changes that her mission years made in her testimony, life goals, gospel commitment and drive to succeed. Her continued growth can't happen here in this house, so hit the road Em. Get that degree, find that boy and relish in the joy and anguish of the challenges that lay ahead. Just remember, that Dad's just a phone call, or a plane trip away and I'll always be there. Happy Birthday!

Love Dad


  1. What a great tribute to Emily and such good advice to young men EVERYWHERE (put down the game controller and get a clue)!!! Have fun Em, in THE SEARCH!!!

  2. how did I miss her bday? did she get a cake mix?

    happy bday Em

  3. Happy Birthday Em!!! We love you and hope you're having a fun day! We're going to have fun this weekend. See you soon!
    -k and j

  4. This post made me want to bawl my eyes out--I miss my Dad! He was like Dave, very much about his kids.

    You Allred kids better appreciate the one in a million Dad (and Mom!) you have! Much is expected of you all....

  5. Your daughter is beautiful!