Friday, May 15, 2009

Cute or Comfy Shoes?

Aren't these the cutest shoes you've ever seen. I'm not into fashion but Em brought these back from Korea and I think they are so pretty and darn it if she didn't get my size. They look faaaaabulous on her though. Young and even old ladies at church complimented her on such cute shoes. You can't spend the day walking around Chi-town in these though. nope
Landon gave me these Wolky shoes (he works in the warehouse) several months ago and they are the most and I mean most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I call them my Frankenstein shoes cuz of the staples. I walked for two days in Disneyland and no complaints about aching feet. Now why can't they make a cute and comfy shoe all in one? Why do we have to have one or the other?


  1. I am queen of comfort! I am not really into shoes *only comfy ones) and yet, those pink ones are super cute, don't tell Lori I said that LOL

  2. I tell Avry all the time, "You can either have cute shoes or cute feet. There is no such thing as both". She always picks the cute shoes, hahahha.

  3. Hi Tammy! I've seen your posts in the kids' blog and I wanted to drop you a line.

    We don't have a blog for our family but Carree has put together a nice blog for the business, if you want to check it out.

    I've had the same problem with shoes as well. Although I've seen some "relatively" cute ones in the FootSmart catalogs.

    I ready Johnny's "poem" about Kate in their blog and it almost made me cry. What a wonderful husband and a sweet kid!

  4. I do love cute shoes, but comfort for me is way more important. At least on Sunday you're mostly sitting, right?