Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I love flowers - didn't always but now I do.

Yes I know what a lame statement but there was a time in our early married life where David would bring me flowers and I got mad because he spent money on something that only lasted a few days. You see I once was very practical but now well who cares? Here are some pics of flowers that have made my heart smile and lifted my spirits.

Birthday flowers from my friend Rita and one of my seminary students Kayla.
I love these crab apple trees We have one in our front yard one in the back too. I just wish they stayed this way for a few more weeks but alas the wind comes and off the blossoms go.
BTW, Cliff is buried under this tree, don't tell the neighbors.
Tulips are my favorite in my yard right now. (Doesn't it look like they are waving - they are so happy) :-) Give credit to Anna for capturing this pic.
I don't have to do anything, they just popped up (well I did plant them last fall) Kind of bummed that the daffodils missed their cue this year, not sure if my Kamikazee chipmunk or the bunnies ate them for dessert. I don't know. Maybe it was that last darn snowfall in April that confused them.
My friend Leslie posted all about her lovely flowers in AZ. I admire her cuz I never could get anything to grow there except weeds. When I moved here five years ago, this was one of those thrilling moments for me - I COULD GROW FLOWERS!!!! and with little effort, yep right up my alley. I love flowers now, especially after a long winter.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful and your back yard is so green! I love the crab apple trees.

  2. Is Cliff your first husband? I guess I don't know that story. ;)

  3. Beautiful flowers Tami! I'm so sad my tulips are about done.