Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The best husband in the world is having a birthday today and he's celebrating by flying to AZ to hike the grand canyon with 4 of the 5 kiddo's, his friend Leland whom I refer to as "his other wife" and Leland's kids, sister and another friend. So it will be 5 Allred's, 5 Hansons and a Crane.
David loves to hike and that is one thing he misses out here, the mountains. He's also a fast hiker as those who have been with him can attest.

(trying to look mean)

I love David and how he thinks I'm better than I am. He seems to find only the good in everyone he gets to know. He's a very quiet man, but quite observant. Loves to run and has way more energy than normal people. Yes He's my superman. A lady whom he worked with 20 years ago still sends him Christmas cards addressed to Super Dave.

He's a great listener and ever so wise for his years.

Loves being around the youth and teaching them.
I have no idea how many scouts he has served but I bet it's in the hundreds. 18 of the past 20 years he has spent at least one to three weeks, of his vacation time either at scout camp, hiking a 50 miler in AZ, Ut, and the Michigan upper pennisula, a 300 something bike ride across Iowa, canoing in Missouri, Philmont in New Mexico.
I'm sure there's more I just can't remember everything he's done with all those young men over the years. He's made many great memories for them, that I'm sure.

Now this summer he's going with Molly and the young women on a high adventure of camping, hiking and canoing.
(a little hike with the girls a couple of weeks ago, notice who carries the load)

He loves his family. I think it is so sweet that he sends his mom and grandma chocolates for valentines day. He takes his girls shopping for prom/formal dances, then returns the next day for accessories. He buys me the best gifts of clothes as well. I'm not into shopping, so anything that is nice in my wardrobe comes from him. Yeah how many guys out there do this? Didn't think so.

Loves little kids, especially this one. He can't wait to feed her his specialty -home made chunky monkey ice cream
He's a one of a kind man. He's extremly brilliant, except when it comes to talking on his cell phone and standing in the middle of the road in parking lots. I've seen this twice in one day and had to yell at him to get out of the way. I know, I know, how could I yell at such a nice guy?

David is a spiritual rock. He gets it. He serves and helps anyone, anytime. He loves working in the temple. He has great insight with spiritual matters. He understands the big picture. Maybe that's why he likes hiking so much. You get to the top and you can see everything clearly.
He's the best!! I love him so much and I'm quite the lucky gal to be married to such a spiritual stud.
ok so this is embarrassing, I don't have any good pictures of us together. We'll have to work on that since he did get a new camera for his birthday. I hope it makes it back from the Grand Canyon


  1. Happy Birthday Dad! Thanks for being the best f-i-l and gramps EVER! We love you- and that's why I'm sacrificing a few days with my husband so you can enjoy his company while hiking :). Be safe!

  2. WOW...what a great tribute!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR DAVID!! wish we knew him better but we only know him through you and Jonny and his Christmas newsletters! I know that my kids are jealous about that hike...the end of May has always been our traditional Grand Canyon Hike (as well as Oct.) but we missed it this year....maybe Luke will show up and hike them!!!

  3. Luke come on up!

    Isn't it wonderful to see Tami's writing skills on display. After so many years of "I can't write like you do...", her talent unfolds.

    I've had a great birthday with family and friends. I really happy to be with my kids today. Sorry Anna, we just got to get you a little bigger and a lot stronger. Look forward to seeing you run this fall.


  4. Tami:
    You are one lucky girl!

  5. Someone has to take the pictures...

    Happy Birthday to a true SuperMan!!