Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adios Em

uhhhhh I made her wear her pink birthday cowboy hat that her dad got her. She's such a good sport. He made her wear it for 3 hours before she got her next present.

After a little over 5 months Emily has moved on.

*I will miss her doing the cross word puzzle every morning and occasionally asking me for help. Not my cup of tea but I do know useless trivia from the decades before this one. Then David would correct her puzzle in the evening and tease her about the words she made up, always made me laugh, she's so creative.

* I will miss her teaching Anna how to play the piano (since I can't). She was stricter than Sis. Brown so Anna probably wont miss that part.

*I will miss her creative fun things she did with her sisters, like making rafts to float in the retention area, having ball wars in the basement with Anna and her friend Lexi, playing games, dressing in Korean garb and playing tennis when there were 30 mile winds. She said it wasn't windy where they played. Yeah right?
*I will miss her cute smile and laugh.

* I will miss her making me faces at me.
I will miss her obsession with trying to catch the kamikazee chipmunk and then the conquest.

*I will miss her spiritual insight, sometimes she was over my head though, that's what I love about her, she's brilliant.

* I will miss her helping me with computer stuff.

* I will miss her Korean verbiage. Even though I never got it. Fun to hear her and Molly share the differences between Chinese, Korean, French and English words. Quite the combo huh?

*I will miss her and Molly camping out in the basement every weekend for late night movies and talk. (I won't miss the debris)

* I will miss her trying to get me to eat Kim chee, squid, sushi, asparagus, wait no I won't. But it was fun watching her try.

She's going to back to BYU to finish up school and it's where she should be, even though this Mama is sad to see her move so far away. I only cried a wee bit . Which is good for me.
I love her and will miss her. At least she gets to spend some time with JK&E. That does make me happy.


  1. I like the celebrate music on the blog. Nice touch.

  2. She's a doll - - good luck to her! What a sweet post :)

  3. the music hasn't changed since my birthday that's why it's still on there silly Jonathan. It's far enough down that I didn't think anyone was listening to it. I'll have to change it sometime

  4. I am sad you have to see her go- but we're SO EXCITED to get her out here for the few months we have left in the beautiful west! And I'm sure Ells will enjoy her fun games too :).

  5. Em,

    It's about time. I'm certainly not sad to see you go. I get the crossword puzzle all to myself. One less girl to deal with.

    Have fun out there, break some more hearts and then fall in love with one. Keep the magic in life.

    Love you,