Friday, June 5, 2009

I've waited 50 yrs and finally I am taller than my mom!!

Not sure why but my siblings and I
always had this thing about comparing our height to our great grandmother Ardath Ballein Edwards who was 4'11. We used to joke that she was 4'11 both ways. We all knew we would be way taller than her. I remember her wearing size 2 shoes from the kids section.
My grandmother Marie Countryman deLaney is 5'2 and I passed her up some time in junior high. Now my mom well she WAS 5'6 till this year when she shrunk 3.5 inches - So whooohoooo I'm finally taller than my mom.


  1. Yeah, you better watch yourself in 30 years. I'm totally passing you up.

  2. oh man I forgot about that part.