Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's All About FRIENDS

Molly's friend Jessie invited her to running camp at Eastern Illinois University
(Sorry I don't have a pic of Jessie running, this was from Molly's birthday party) David was thrilled that Molly was going to have to get up early and run, then run again, have some fun then run again. Of course Molly wasn't too happy but Jessie is such a good friend and sweet kid that she couldn't resist.
(They are out there somewhere. I love the cross country courses out here, well I watch them run, I don't run it) Last year pic.
Eastern Illinois is 4 hours away and it is south to us - not sure why it is called Eastern, we sure have all the points on the compass covered out here when it comes to colleges. Since it was such a long drive I invited my friend Tina along to keep me company plus I wanted to stop in Champaign to check out the historical library since both Tina and I have ancestors that were in that area a hundred zillion years ago.
An hour outside of Charlotte -that's where EIU is I noticed my fancy dancy warning sign informing me that my right front tire was low on pressure. Tina joked that she ate one too many tacos. by the time we arrived at the campus it was totally flat, luckily I made it to the visitors parking lot. A nice medical staff lady gave us all and the luggage a ride to the dorms. She then asked the dorm girl to get us some help. We checked the girls in with 5 min. to spare. Went back to dorm helper girl who said, "Maintenance can't help but here is the number to the towing company." I'm thinking I don't need a tow truck, I need help getting the flat off and a ride back to my car, you know like in the golf carts that we saw riding around campus. No can do. After I say, no thank you to the tow truck number, she then says, "If there is anything we can do to help, let me know" Me thinking. YEAH, I NEED HELP GETTING THE FLAT OFF AND THE SPARE ON, THAT'S WHAT I NEED HELP WITH AND YOUR MAINTENANCE PEOPLE COULD CARE LESS, SO WHAT'S THE POINT IN SAYING SUCH A THING, SILLY GIRL. DID YOU JUST HEAR WHAT YOU SAID? We just smiled and high tailed it across campus and stopped at the lovely theater place to use the restroom (lots of mirrors - weird) The toilet I used wouldn't stop flushing - so there maintenance guy that won't help us, go fix the toilet. honestly I didn't do anything, it just wouldn't stop flushing.
Tina is a good friend to have around when in need and I was in need having never changed a tire before, I know can you believe it, 34 years of driving? I've been lucky. I got out the owners manual and we started in on getting the spare out and let me tell you it is not easy. Cable connected to some do hickey and you have to twist it to an angle to release tire holder. weird. I tried, she tried. Luckily Nice Nick from Naperville was heading home after class and saw we were in distress. He's had experience working on cars but never saw one like this before. Eventually he was smarter than the spare tire and got it off. HALLELUJAH. He then was kind enough to jack the car up and take the flat off.
He was also a good sport to let me take his pic.
I might add that my car had this really cool packet in the jack compartment with gloves and a poncho, so I'm thinking there must be a head lady working at Saturn who thought of this nifty idea.Then the nice people at Diepholz Chevrolet dealership took the bolt out of my flat, patched it and we were on our way.
Three hours behind schedule, library closed at 5 we got there at 6, then home at 10 that night. Tina and I were together 13 hours straight and let me tell you, she kept me entertained all 13 hours. I'm so glad she went with me, what a nice friend. Molly has a nice friend, I have a nice friend. It's All About Friends!!
(sorry I don't have a pic of Tina that day, I don't think she'd appreciate the one I have of her backside helping Nick the nice guy from Naperville)


  1. have friends EVERYWHERE and now Nick from Naperville...he sure has HUGE muscles, no wonder he could handle the tire thingamawhat!! Glad you made it home smiling. . . .

  2. That's Trev's worst fear for me... having to change the tire by myself. So he's always giving me car maintenance lessons. But my muscles aren't as big, or as nice lookin' as Nick's from Naperville. hahaha

  3. Honestly, I never noticed Nick's muscles before till you ladies mentioned it. I had to go back and look at his pic again.