Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Ward Party

Good food, friends and fun. The place was packed. Molly was a pie judge and the pies were yummy! Except I didn't even attempt the cold beef pot pie. Who brought that?
The popcorn pie made me laugh.
David and others made delicious home made ice-cream. His raspberry dark chocolate macademia nut was gone by the time I got there.
David got the kids outside playing water balloon games but I was too busy eating and visiting and missed the photo op. I did get a few pics of some of the kids who stayed late while parents were cleaning up.
We then came home and watched fireworks from our deck. I love how the neighbors shoot off fireworks in our park, even though it's illegal someone does it every year. We also can view the neighboring towns fireworks. We love watching fireworks from our comfy chairs. Sure beats the Toys R Us Parking lot with 100 degree weather in Mesa,AZ. Another great thing about living here. great weather for the 4th. The bugs weren't even too bad. Wish I could capture the lighting bugs.

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  1. ohhh that picture of Pacman is awesome! great pictures

    I needed to tell David that I just didn't quite capture the cream in ice cream LOL I tried though :)

    thanks for the slideshow, those are GREAT pictures