Wednesday, July 8, 2009

11 yrs. ago

Delivery room -
"David I don't feel right about calling this baby Hannah if its a girl" Then blaring from the TV as if it was for us "Later on tonight Hannah and her debilating disease" OK For sure we can't name her Hannah, then what will we call her? I had been planning on Hannah for 6 months.

David -"How about Irene?" To this day I still don't if he was kidding or not. Come on Irene? All I could think of was some ole lady sitting at the end of a bar smoking and speaking in her raspy voice"Hey I'm Irene, wanna buy me a drink?" (My apologies to all Irene's out there, not sure where that image came from but there was no way I was going to name my baby Irene.)

David- "Then how about Anna?"
Me- "nah"
David "What about Anna pronounced Ona"
Me - "How will we spell it?"
David "A N N A"
Me-" People will call her Anna then not Ona"
David -"We'll just correct them" and we've been correcting people ever since then. What a pain but it sure beats Irene or Hannah and her debilating disease.


  1. sooooo cute!!!!

    you are such a great blogger Tammy, I love reading each one of your post.

    LOVE It

  2. What a darling baby picture! Loved the post :)